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OPSH Founders on Women In Technology

In Episode 13 of the Redcert Podcast I spoke with Sarah, Jennie and Grace Mc Ginn. They're serial entrepreneurs and they're doing it again with OPSH. I've been talking to quite a few women-in-tech recently and I was curious...

OPSH Founders on Women In Technology OPSH Founders on Women In Technology
Redcert Video, Technology

Grace Mc Ginn of OPSH on Web Design & the Architecture Parallel

When I met Sarah, Jennie and Grace Mc Ginn recently, they said lots of interesting things. In this shortcut from Episode 13 of the Podcast I ask them wIll 'mobile first' be the OPSH approach to engaging customers?

Grace Mc Ginn of OPSH on Web Design & the Architecture Parallel Grace Mc Ginn of OPSH on Web Design & the Architecture Parallel
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Cristina Luminea: ThoughtBox Learning

ThoughtBox Learning make beautiful educational apps by applying the principle of Gameful Learning to engage a young audience - primarily with their Numerosity suite of Apps that teach Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication and soon, the Order of Operations. Supported by...

Cristina Luminea: ThoughtBox Learning Cristina Luminea: ThoughtBox Learning
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Forking Android : #7

Back in February at Mobile World Congress we heard about the Nokia X and learned that Nokia would be forking Android for a new line of Android handsets. But this wasn't going to be one of those dizzying, icon...

Forking Android : #7 Forking Android : #7
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Úll 2014 : #6

Today, I was delighted to get to chat with Paul Campbell and Dermot Daly about how the Úll conference in 2014 is transitioning, in its third year, to be a conference about making beautiful products. This year,

Úll 2014 : #6 Úll 2014 : #6
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The redcert podcast is a weekly chat, some longer than others where we’re likely to talk about the technology business. From circular to sharing economies, from app development to BitCoin, from education to tech in the media and sporadically, the decay of society. You will never hear us laugh.

Latest guests: Mc Ginn Sisters | Lina Franco | Fiona Designy | Dermot Daly

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#E12: Samsung, IFA, Dyson, iCloud hack and...Blackberry

It's only a couple of days to Apple's September 9th announcement but Dermot Daly & Andy O'Donoghue review last week at IFA with Samsung's VR and Note 4 announcements, the iCloud Hack and Victim Blame, and it's time for a discussion on who does the vacuuming, with Dyson's stunning step into the Internet of Things, the Dyson 360 Eye.

Podcast #11 : high time for iTime

So summer is officially over and it's a new season of the Redcert Podcast: did you unplug for the summer? Dermot Daly and Andy O'Donoghue discuss getting your 'Digital Detox' on the Brecon Beacons with UK company Unplugged Weekend, Apple's iTime patent, Wearable Experiments's Alert Shirt for Aussie Rules fans, parachute journalism in technology, the Skully AR helmet and that's for starters.

Claire McHugh, CEO Axonista & Social TV : #3

In this podcast episode I got to talk with Claire McHugh, who co-founded Axonista with Daragh Ward. If you haven't heard of Axonista, you will, soon; they brought TV3's 3 Player to ROKU and the RTÉ News Now App to Windows Phone, and their ShowPal second-screen app is a wonderful implementation of 2nd screen functionality for Ireland's leading independent TV station. We chatted about how Claire's early work with WAP, what Twitter means for second-screen, how event television and social media co-exist and, a little philosophy.

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The ultimate selfie? James Kingston scales 350 foot crane.

James Kingston, professional adventurer and YouTuber from Southampton, has posted another stunning urban adventure video. His latest YouTube posting shows him scaling a 350 foot crane, and posing above the city for (most of us) a once-in-a-lifetime selfie.

THIS MUST BE THE PLACE @ John Michael Kohler Arts Center

THIS MUST BE THE PLACE, a series of five exhibitions at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, explores the concept that there are places, large or small, in our lives that hold meaning and influence far beyond a point on a map. The complete series will be on view through January 4, 2015, while the last exhibition closes February 22.

Zainab Amadahy & JF Garrard speak at York University on October 30th

Zainab Amadahy (author of “Resistance”) and JF Garrard (author of “The Undead Sorceress”) will be hosting a Visionary Women’s Fiction Book Launch at York University.