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“Children’s Fashion of the Russian Empire,” : Alexander Vasiliev

Over a 35-year period, a renowned fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev collected antique photographs...

By redcert / October 30, 2014

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iWitness : Readies for International Launch

Violence and crime are global issues that affect individuals of every age, gender, race, and socioeconomic...

By redcert / October 28, 2014

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The ultimate selfie? James Kingston scales 350 foot crane.

James Kingston, professional adventurer and YouTuber from Southampton, has posted another stunning urban...

By redcert / October 27, 2014

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Critical NASA Science Returns to Earth aboard SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft

paceX’s Dragon cargo spacecraft splashed down at 3:39 p.m. EDT Saturday, Oct. 25, in the Pacific Ocean,...

By redcert / October 25, 2014

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EU: Ambitious 2030 Climate Energy Policy

European Union leaders gathering in Brussels yesterday and today agreed on an ambitious framework and targets...

By Andy / October 24, 2014

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THIS MUST BE THE PLACE @ John Michael Kohler Arts Center

THIS MUST BE THE PLACE, a series of five exhibitions at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, explores...

By Andy / October 24, 2014

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A view from the South, via the South West

There's No Security in 'White Privilege'

As my best friend and I were preparing for a recent trip overseas, he warned me that security on our airline...

By Shannon / July 31, 2014

Israel had me at both shalom and marhaban

I had never given much thought to visiting Israel.  Since I am not particularly religious, I never felt...

By Shannon / July 29, 2014

Help! My Doctor is a Conservative.

When I was a young college student, my father and I spent many hours discussing world events and debating...

By Shannon / July 8, 2014

How a Broken Ankle Nearly Broke My Mind

I hadn't written in over two months.  The ideas came but the words wouldn't follow, instead hanging...

By Shannon / July 2, 2014

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