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Tidal Hi-Fi Music Service

The word disruption is overused in the tech business but one industry that was truly disrupted and never recovered was the music industry. The sale of physical music CDs continues to shrink as we move our listening habits online. With the exception of the heartwarming revival of vinyl records, the future of music is digital. There are more than a few of options for digital music in your home, on your phone or tablet. Apple Music and Spotify dominate the industry but so much of the headphone based, digital music we listen to sounds, well, just too digital. I don’t need access to all the music in the world, but I really want it to be crystal clear, sharp and sound more like music used to, hi-fi but in digital.


Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

The smartwatch business has stuttered along since they became commonly available three years ago. The early adopters, those who bought the first models, myself included, found they were fun but not for long. Lack of functionality, waterproofing and useful apps made them little more than expensive extensions to our smartphones.


Parrot Smart Flower Pot

Parrot, famous for making easy to fly drones and Bluetooth car kits, have developed a burgeoning connected gardening business and following the release of their Bluetooth soil sensor, have introduced a plant pot that automatically waters your plants, as well as acting as an expert and plant-sitter.


Motorola Moto G4

Once synonymous with quality and innovation, Motorola mobiles faded in the shadow of the super-brands and many thought the people who gave us the Star-Trek like flip phone would go the way of Nokia. Things are looking up though, as Lenovo, the world’s biggest PC maker are breathing new life in to one of the industry’s stalwarts.

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The Gadget Buzz

Amazon Echo: Alexa, Andy & Joe sit down to talk

Andy and Joe sat down to talk about about Amazon’s Echo – which Andy swears is the bookseller’s next billion dollar business and he showed Joe how he’d integrated it with his Nest Thermostat and Wemo Belkin plugs, and they chatted about the future of home-automation and asked, as Alexa’s role in daily life broadened, could the Amazon Echo eventually be part of home-care for assisted living as part of the developing conscious home.

The Gadget Buzz

The Myo Armband & Johnny Matheny

The Myo armband is a wearable gesture control and motion control device that lets the wearer take control of your phone, computer, and much more, touch-free. It’s a remarkable device for tech users and gamers but in this episode of The Gadget Buzz, we looked at how the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory had used Myo to create the world’s first gesture-controlled prosthetic arm for Johnny Matheny,

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The Internet of Food: The Last Word with Matt Cooper

Those ‘end of’, and ‘start of’ year lists about the biggest trends in tech this year include many of the usual suspects; Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Social Media and Hackers, but a gaping omission I feel, is the absence of food. Andy O’Donoghue joins Matt Cooper on The Last Word to talk about what happens when food and tech collide.

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BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition : 2017

The BT Young Scientist is one of the oldest competitions of its type in the world. From Jan 11 – 14, 50,000 people will visit Dublin’s RDS to see the work & experiments of students from the island of Ireland. BTYSE lumni have gone on, like Patrick Collison from Stripe, to found multi-billion dollar companies and to do good, like Emily Duffy with her Duffily Bag. I spoke to teacher Tracey O’Leary from Presentation Secondary School in Clonmel, and two of her students, Caoimhe Woods, 14 and Aoibhin Foley, 13, have created an app called Diabetica to help diabetics manage their illness as well as John Sims from Mary Immaculate, Lisddonvarna who’s been bringing students to BTYSE for 28 years, including Jessica Kelly, a 15 old transition student who’s created an app for civic crowd-sourcing, Saoránach.

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Cartoon Forum 2016 in Toulouse, France.

Cartoon Forum is a pitching & co-pro forum for animated TV projects. 3 days, producers have the opportunity to pitch their project in front of 900 broadcasters, investors and other potential partners from 30 countries. Since its creation in 1990, 680 series have found financing, with a total budget of 2.3 billion EUR.

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Funky Bunkers: The Post-Military Landscape as a Readymade Space and a Cultural Playgound

On adapted reuse of military establishments. As an analogy to the theory of readymades, the author argues that ‘readymade space’ is a utile metaphor to describe the cultural alchemy of appropriation in which vacant buildings such as military establishments are reused, adapted and designed to new purposes within the cultural economy. Series: Design for War […]


How to make serious magazine journalism pay: Bronwen Maddox

How to make serious magazine journalism pay:

Bronwen Maddox (editor, Prospect magazine) delivers a talk for the Reuters Institute Business and Practice of Journalism seminar series.


The battle for authenticity: Kevin Sutcliffe-Vice News

The battle for authenticity- the future of news, current affairs and documentary. Kevin Sutcliffe, Head of News Programmes for Europe, Vice News, gives a talk for the Reuters Seminar Series.