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British Library: Digirati to Deliver 'Universal Player'

Since June 2013 the British Library has been looking to deliver a ‘universal player’ that can render...

By redcert / October 19, 2014

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Koolbridge Solar Obtains Two Solar Patents

In July 2014, notice was obtained in the US Patent and Trademark Office that two patent purposes associated...

By redcert / October 17, 2014

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Intra-Galactic War Brews in new Mohamed Moshrif Novel

An intra-galactic war is set to destroy the earth unless five human scientists and an alien scientist...

By redcert / October 17, 2014

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Unplug everything and get back to nature

Small batch PBR mlkshk, Carles Schlitz Truffaut lo-fi photo booth Intelligentsia chillwave DIY umami....

By red_test / September 22, 2014

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Fashion Fopars to avoid

Gastropub locavore bespoke, 3 wolf moon swag put a bird on it crucifix meggings. Kogi swag street art selvage,...

By red_test / September 22, 2014

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Howards Farm

Cliche beard plaid butcher, jean shorts craft beer keffiyeh church-key hashtag PBR skateboard Kickstarter....

By red_test / September 18, 2014

Open Your World

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In American Eye
A view from the South, via the South West
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There's No Security in 'White Privilege'

As my best friend and I were preparing for a recent trip overseas, he warned me that security on our airline...

By Shannon / July 31, 2014

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Israel had me at both shalom and marhaban

I had never given much thought to visiting Israel.  Since I am not particularly religious, I never felt...

By Shannon / July 29, 2014

Help! My Doctor is a Conservative.

When I was a young college student, my father and I spent many hours discussing world events and debating...

By Shannon / July 8, 2014

How a Broken Ankle Nearly Broke My Mind

I hadn't written in over two months.  The ideas came but the words wouldn't follow, instead hanging...

By Shannon / July 2, 2014

City Tech

Every day we use, touch and experience technology. Some redcert readers are starting to document this story, in pictures.