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A Southerner's view from the South West

High Fidelity

Digital Killed the Analog Star: The Death of the Mixtape

No one makes mixtapes anymore. It's heartbreaking. As a teenager I was the mixtape queen. I had high_fidelity_coverrather exotic musical tastes for my small town and I delighted in putting together the more obscure selections of my cache for friends, friends of friends, acquaintances -- anyone who would ask, really.

Queueing Up for iPhone 6?  No Thanks; I’ll Wait.

The eagerly anticipated Apple announcement has finally arrived with a bang and a tick and an Irish serenade. Now all the Applephiles and tech junkies are lining up, queueing up, making lists and checking them twice. No Christmas joy for the Apple Watch though, which isn't scheduled to be released until early 2015, but those of us who have late winter birthdays could possibly see them next to our birthday cakes. If we care to. I'm one of those who doesn't.
GOP Medical Display

Help! My Doctor is a Conservative.

My doctor, as it turns out, is a Republican. And not just any Republican. He is, it appears, one of the GOP's go-to guys in their war against the Affordable Care Act. He has testified before Congress, written several op-eds for prominent conservative publications and blogs, and is a frequent guest on right-wing radio. This guy is no lightweight. I felt a sinking feeling in my gut, and the more I read, the worse that feeling became.

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