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Is Twitter better? Or just not as bad as Wall St. feared?

Is Twitter better? Or just not as bad as Wall St. feared?

Twitter’s stock surged as much as 36 percent to $52.35 a share Tuesday after reporting sales that grew 124 percent, an unexpected net profit and – perhaps most importantly – a 25-percent increase in monthly active users. It is all … Continue reading

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Why I’ll miss Vizify

Build a personal website in seconds, that's what Vizify's strap line used to say. It caused a stir


Social Media & The School Curriculum

Today I spoke with Will Faulkner on Midlands Radio on the topic of the changes at ask.fm' and also


McAfee’s Digital Divide Survey : Parents in The Dark

It’s no surprise to read in McAfee’s Digital Dividesurvey that teenagers are hoodwinking their

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Spreading The Word by Marianne Talbot

Cultural Connections talk by Marianne Talbot. Part of the Digital Humanities @ Oxford Summer

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Why the Internet won’t get you any more friends

Professor Robin Dunbar, Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, Oxford, gives a talk


Mars Girl by Jeff Garrity

Chapter 1 Just Quit Standing against the back wall of the overcrowded funeral parlor, Ray Barker


Tokyo Zero by Marc Horne

Chapter 1 Japanese policemen's guns are small and sort of puny. Except when they are shooting at

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Taptalk’s Official Response To Its Clone ‘Instagram Bolt’

Taptalk’s Official Response To Its Clone ‘Instagram Bolt’

“F*ck Retakes”. That was Taptalk founder Onno Faber’s reply when I asked for his reaction to Bolt, Instagram’s new standalone app. Bolt lets you send photos and videos with one-touch by tapping a friend’s face…just like Taptalk. And those faces … Continue reading


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