Building Information Modeling, this could be big. Honestly.

Building Information Modeling is not a glamorous phrase that conjures up images of turbo-charged start-ups around the world, full of enthusiastic coders adding another million dollars of shareholder value with every keystroke. It is a sector though, that is attracting the interest of tech investors – and that’s generally a clue as to the importance of an emerging industry. Building Information Modeling isn’t a new sector, the concept has been around for almost forty years, but it was only a decade ago that BIM became an ‘industry’ following a publication by CAD company Autodesk. With BIM software you create models of buildings or facilities – but not just CAD images traditionally used by architects and builders, but models that display other characteristics of buildings, for example the functional characteristics of a site. So you add digital images or files that show the air-conditioning system due to be fitted but what if you could get the manufacturers of various air-con systems to give you digital files for various types and capacities of cooling system?

[funky_quote align=”left”]“Technology companies are becoming the bright spot in the economic outlook based on their increasing role within macro-economic environments, 2013 has demonstrated the sector’s vibrant activity and its contribution to the global economic recovery. ” — Alex Vieux, Chairman, Red Herring.[/funky_quote]The power consumption, physical and aesthetic impact of building facilities can be examined, or ‘modeled.  What if you could add images and accompanying technical information about the walls that will be erected inside the building, and on those walls you could digitally ‘paint’ the exact type of covering or paint to be used. With manufacturer information integrated into the design and modeling process you could end up knowing how a building will look, feel and sound when people are in it.  Data assisted decision making from concept, through design and construction right through the life of a building and how its eventual demolition will impact a landscape and community.

BIMobject®, a leading Swedish BIM software provider has announced it’s been selected as a candidate for Red Herring’s 2013 Top 100 Global award. which recognises the year’s most promising private technology companies and entrepreneurs, which will be awarded on November 20th.The inclusion of

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