‘We are all supermodels!’ says new painting by Mas.s

Supermodel!?” is a new painting by original Dutch artise Mas.s in his portrait series – a series I came across only recently when he held his first solo exhibition, Home of Inspiration,of more than thirty paintings, at Alexander House in Kingston-Upon-Thames.

Mas.s: Supermodels?
Mas.s: Supermodels?

There’s a brilliant vibrancy in his paintings – but there isn’t colour just for colour’s sake – thought-provoking, self-reflection, enchanting; Mas.s’ work is all of these – and more. If you have a chance, pop in to the Galgiardi Gallery on the King’s Road or keep an eye out on Mas.s.com for upcoming exhibition dates.

“ Two eyes, a nose and a mouth is what we want to see in a portrait or in a wider picture. It does not really matter how it is portrayed. Our eyes wander over the various features of the face and make connection. The surroundings are dressing up that very core of observation. We all seek recognition, contact and communion. We are all supermodels.”

— Mas.s July, 2013

External links & references

  1. Official website @ www.mas-s.com
  2. Gagliardi Gallery : King’s Road, London : gagliardigallery.org
  3. Follow Mas.s on Twitter : @Mas_s_art
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