5. Patricia Arquette’s Oscar Speech

Powerful, honest, and different. That being said, Fox News’ response is arguably more entertaining, in a mind-boggling frustrating kind of way.


4. Personal Robot

It adjusts your heating and lighting to save you money, turns your coffee machine on and remind you of booked appointments. The AI Age is nigh.

3. Parks and Rec

Poignant, tearflick moment, especially with the death of their writer Harris Wittels  (@Twittels). Such was the fame and success of the show, that it got a nod from the FBI Twitter account, which makes reference to the character Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt)’s alter ego, FBI agent Bert Macklin. Do they not have anything better to do?

2. Ed Sheeran in Croker

One date, sold out. Two dates, sold out. If we get into a third we’re in Garth Brooks territory..

1. House of Cards release

That’s our weekend sorted for us. How will Underwood hold onto all of that power?

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Miss Caro Emerald: good for the soul

I'm sort of a Johnny-come-lately to Caro Emerald; it's a month or less since I discovered her on a BBC Radio 2 live performance late one evening. Fortuitous though, as I get the benefit of getting a lot of her latest album and on Monday of this week her new album, The Shocking Miss Emerald was released. This, the second studio album by the Dutch singer does not herald a huge shift or change in direction; she sounds much as I expected her to, the style is not starkly different. A short intro and then thirteen songs - mostly of the tempo and feel you'd expect of her. So why, I ask myself is this album so damn good?
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Caro Emerald dazzles with every note

Last night my heart went a flutter, again. I have a soft spot for the chanteuse and whilst flicking through the satellite channels I discovered last week, I came across a BBC Radio 2 performance that looked like it was recorded at the Radio Theatre at Broadcasting House. I'm not currently experiencing TV with an English language menu or program info, so I paused, wondering who she was; charming smile, elegant retro look, and she appeared to be wearing my Trilby. Had I seen her on Jools? She reminded me of Camille O'Sullivan and the stage looked good - so I waited for her to crank it up, and oh was I glad I did!

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