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Thursday / June 21.
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Apple after Steve Jobs: Newstalk, Down To Business

With Apple’s recent quarterly results showing a fall in profit, and research from Strategy Dynamics on the second quarters tablet sales indicating Apple’s iPad market share may be down to 28%, we discussed Apple after Steve Jobs and is Tim Cook going to get the world’s biggest technology back on track?

Firstly, I am concerned about relying on the Strategy Dynamics data as a meaningful measurement of Apple’s performance. Apple have never been a mass market player in any segment, even the MP3 market and the emergence of the ‘white box tablet’ has skewed Android versus iPad sales figures in favour of the Google operating system. A search on alibaba.com today will get you access to makers in China who’ll sell you white box tablets in batches of five hundred or more, some at less than $40 with these tablets ending up in mass retailers for less than €100, whereas the entry level iPad, an iPad mini, costs over three hundred euros.

We also discussed Tim Cook and how the market feels he’s doing after almost two years in the CEO’s role. I think Cook is lining things up at Apple – shaping Apple differently to how Steve Jobs had left it. It’s a different Apple, more transparent and more cognisant of public opinion, and yet for all the R&D, smart minds and resources they haven’t introduced a revolutionary product for years.

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Andy O'Donoghue talks about technology, some say, too much.

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