Nest: The Revolution In Power & Google’s Next Big Play

Only two weeks ago, Bobby and I discussed how Wearable Technology was fast transitioning to Livable Technology as we find ourselves well immersed in The Internet of Things; we talked about how connected devices are relevant to small business and we chatted about how a hypothetical plumber could adapt new technology in to his business by using smart thermostats and re-branding his business. Less than a week later, Google announced the acquisition of Nest, its second largest acquisition ever.
This morning we chatted about Google’s acquisition of Nest and how its other recent acquisitions, like that of robotics firm Boston Robotics, is helping Google become the organiser of  more and more connected data, and is Power and the Smart Grid the next big play for Google?
  1. Nest Corporate Website
  2. BBC Interview with founder Tony Fadell, in 2012
  3. Nest Partners with Texas Power Company
  4. Time Magazine review Nests Thermostat
  5. The Smart Grid :  Wikipedia
  6. Google Power Meter : Project Retired 2011
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Bitcoin, Makers & The (livable) Internet of Things

Where are teenagers moving to when they get FaceBook friend requests from their parents? I discussed this with Bobby this week and we chatted about the the transition from Wearable to Livable, The Internet of Things, and maybe presciently about how, for instance a plumber can integrate smart technology like heating controls in to his business. We also looked at technology trends for 2014, including BitCoin, and will this be the year it enters mainstream finance and the revolution being ignited by the maker-movement.
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Bobby Kerr, Wearable & Wired

A few weeks ago, I landed a challenge on Bobby right at the end of the regular technology segment on his Newstalk show, Down To Business; I gave him a FitBug Activity Tracker, a FitBug WOW wifi Scales, a Martian Passport Smart Watch and a Canon Legria mini.

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Social Media and your business

This weekend on Down To Business with Bobby Kerr on Newstalk we looked at Social Media and the role it plays in the promotion of the SME and the SME website.  We were joined by Noel Davidson, the GM of QED training with his insights as an expert on Social Media as a business tool for SMEs.
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BYOD : Newstalk with Microsoft & HP

In the Technology in Business segment on Down To Business with Bobby Kerr today, we were joined by Mike Hughes from Microsoft and Ben Cranks from HP. Products like Microsoft Office365 and the HP ElitePad 900 are changing the game - in the sense that small business now has access to the same technology as larger businesses enabling them to leverage the benefits of mobility.