Sphero SPRK+ for Makers Of All Ages

As more school-children get classroom experience of coding and computer science tech companies are coming up with clever ways to make technology education fun as well as informative. Lego Mindstorms and Parrot drones are both now much more than toys or executive toys and are being used in classrooms around the world to inspire a new generation of coders.

The Sphero SPRK+ is an educational robot that’s making an impact in Irish classrooms. The spherical little bot is ideal for classroom experiments and has Bluetooth connectivity built-in. This little gadget can be programmed in various ways including via Apple’s Swift Playgrounds for iPad.

It can whizz around the classroom floor at more than 4 mph and students can program it to roll, turn and change colour. It will even sense obstructions and send feedback to its programmer. Kids will get coding experience, as well as an understanding of robots and sensors.  It’s compatible with iOS, Android and is priced fairly enough to make it attractive for use at home. This is serious fun, for kids of all ages.


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