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Saturday / July 21.
HomeFingal Enterprise Week 2013 : Andy O’Donoghue

Mobile website & app creation tools

  1. Squarespace:  Squarespace.com
  2. DudaMobile : DudaMobile.com
  3. AppMakerhttp://www.appmakr.com/
  4. On-swipe http://www.onswipe.com/ 

Payment Processors

  1. Sum Up : Card Payments
  2. PayPal Ireland – Business
  3. Realex : Credit card processing
  4. SagePay : Credit card processing

3D Printing for prototyping & small scale manufacture

  1. Shapewayshttp://www.shapeways.com/
  2. Sculpteohttp://www.sculpteo.com/en/
  3. Ponokohttps://www.ponoko.com/

DTB technology blog

iPad share falls; what's going on at Apple?

With Apple’s recent quarterly results showing a fall in profit, and recent research from Strategy Dynamics indicating Apple’s iPad market share may be down to 28%, we’ll be talking about Apple, what is a white box tablet and two years in to Tim Cook’s tenure as Apple’s CEO, is Apple still the world’s most innovative technology company?

BYOD and the SME

In the Technology segment  on today’s Down To Business with Bobby Kerr on Newstalk, we’re looking at BYOD and the SME.  Ben Cranks from HP will be with us to talk about the HP ElitePad 900, an ideal BYOD device and we’ll also be joined by Mike Hughes from Microsoft to discuss how BYOD employees get the most from mobility?

Technology Trends with guest Charles Arthur

What are the big trends for technology in the next couple of years, and how are they relevant to SMEs? In our Technology Segment on today’s Down To Business with Bobby Kerr I’m genuinely delighted that we’ll be joined by Charles Arthur, Technology Editor of The Guardian. In Charles’ Book, Digital Wars he looks at the digital battle between Apple, Google and Microsoft and details what to expect from the internet in the next five years and the implications for us all as technology users. So we’ll be asking Charles about a few technology trends that have caught our eye:

Think Mobile and the SME

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