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What is the Cello Phone microscope?

Cellphone Microscope, UCLA

Aydogan Ozcan is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at UCLA’s California NanoSystems Institute. Follow him around UCLA’s campus as he discusses wireless health and demonstrates detecting malaria, tuberculosis, and other diseases with a cellphone! In August 2009, Technology Review magazine recognized Ozcan as one of the world’s top innovators under the age of 35 for his lens free imaging platform and its implications in wireless health.

While researching a blog post about Medic Mobile and their work with technology I came across references to Cello Phone and the work of UCLA Associate Professor Dr. Aydogan Ozcan.

He leads a research group who have done remarkable work on shadow imaging with a view to deploying low-cost cell-phones with cameras in low-resource communities in developing countries. Low-cost cameras used by personnel with a minimum of training could be used in disconnected communities to photograph fluid samples, capturing the micro-scale signature of cells, and transmit images to centralised clinics for analysis by infectious disease experts.

An inspiring project – it could assist in a global initiative to combat the spread of infectious diseases like Malaria and HIV, as well as improving general healthcare in under-resourced communities.

“We have more than 5 billion cell phone subscribers around the world today, and because of this, cell phones can now play a central role in telemedicine applications. Our research group has already created a very nice set of tools that can potentially replace most of the advanced instruments used currently in laboratories.”

Professor Aydogan Ozcan
UCLA’s California NanoSystems Institute.

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