The Internet of Food: The Last Word with Matt Cooper

Those ‘end of’, and ‘start of’ year lists about the biggest trends in tech this year include many of the usual suspects; Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Social Media and Hackers, but a gaping omission I feel, is the absence of food.

Food and technology are intersecting, and the impact technology has on what we eat and where is growing increasingly important as the challenge of feeding 9 billion people everyday, by 2050 becomes a reality.

The Food Computer | The work of Caleb Harper

The average apple, in American supermarkets, is 9 months old, says Caleb Harper, an architect and, Farmer of Farmers who works at the MIT Media Lab, and he’s connected his broccoli, to the Internet. Not just a fun experiement, Caleb’s work is changing how food is grown and it really could change the world.

Simple things we can all try – Parrot Smart Flower Pot

Parrot Pot – a flower pot, with a buily in watering system that lets tech act as aplant sitter, watering your plants for up to a month. You can also look at the  accompanying app and check on the health of your plants, while you’re at home or while you’re away on holiday.

Smart Gardens – Click & Grow

A farm in your kitchen; Click and Grow sell small, smart gardens. They start at about €60 and let you grow herbs and small amounts of veg at home. They have a built in water reservoir for a month, a light to promote growth and smart-soil, nutrient rich soil that makes sure the plants have a perfect ph level.

Precision Agriculture & Drones

Farmers could be one of the greatest beneficiaries from drone development.
Crop rotation, vegetation and water needs are some of the things drones can help with.

Why don’t supermarkets crowd-source food supply?

Why don’t supermarkets use the massive roof space to grow herbs, tomatoes and lettuce? What about the local growers in rural towns and villages who grow excess vegetables?

Could the Uber of vegetables be just around the corner? If I have too many tomatoes, why can’t I sell them to my local Spar, or get a credit in exchange?

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