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Sunday / May 27.
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E21 : Charly Lester on Online Dating: Business Or Personals?

Recently I got to chat to Charly Lester for the Midland 103 Tech Special, but a chat with Charly is more about life, society and love, than tech.

The founder of 30datesblog.com and the UK Dating Awards, she’s a regular on BBC Radio 4 and Editor-in-chief of The Guardian’s Soulmates website and Global Head of Dating for Time Out – she knows dating, online and off but I think she knows you and me, and that’s what makes her insights so lucid.

The first people I knew that fell in love online were a couple of CompuServe users in the early 1990s – where there was a maelstrom of unmoderated poking, flirting and propositioning across the Atlantuc. CompuServe’s ‘channels’ were the Wild West of dating and thankfully things have matured since then – not only the interface! So in Podcast 21, I asked Charly how she started her blog 30Dates, Tinder’s pricing strategy for older users, the truth about the ‘Hook Up Generation’ and, if you are online looking to connect, her top tips for finding love in the wires.

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Andy O'Donoghue talks about technology, some say, too much.

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