Podcast #13 OPSH.COM : the personalised high-street

I can’t imagine working with my siblings would be easy: you don’t know my siblings. In a professional capacity, I’ve co-operated and collaborated with them a couple of times, but to work with them? Everyday?

Rewarding and easy in some ways, yes; the understanding, the knowing – of how social and cultural experiences will be useful here, or a hinderance there – but I think I’d find it difficult – difficult to start, and difficult to quit.

I put the question to myself having met the Mc Ginn sisters recently; three siblings and serial entrepreneurs embarking on their third start-up, OPSH.COM – ‘The third way to shop’ The catchy name hints at the disruptive potential in OPSH – reversed, back to front, inside out, then nudge on a syllable to opt-ion….and you see where we’re going.

Prowlster & What Will I Wear Today were the sisters’ first two start-ups; it’s fair to say fashion is a theme with Jennie, Sarah & Grace, but this isn’t three women who are keen on fashion so they’re launching a website; it’s immediately obvious they have immersed themselves in an industry to understand the market, trends, technology and critically, their (soon-to-be) customers. Fashionable women yes, but they know the fashion business: back-to-front and inside-out.

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