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Tuesday / October 16.
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Podcast #15: Where’s my Glass, Tech in 2015 & Privacy after Paris.

In this Podcast Dermot Daly joins Andy O’Donoghue for Episode 15  to talk about the longevity of Apps, Apple & IBM and the life-cycle of enterprise apps. What’s likely to be important across the technology industry in 2015? Will Apple Watch revive the idea of iBeacons in retail as Marsh Supermarkets launch an iBeacon initiative, Google Glass gets a change of direction as Google’s haute couture device slips under the wing of Nest’s Tony Fadell and could this really be the end of Google’s Explorer program or where will we see, or see through, Glass next?

Did British Prime Minister David Cameron really suggest that Snapchat be banned? No, it’s all about encryption – but if encryption isn’t secure – could that be a threat to the future of e-commerce, and how much privacy are we willing to give up, to live safer lives?

We talk about events and trade shows in 2015: is CES still important? Do any trade shows set agendas anymore or are they no more than one big shiny sales pitch? And yet, everyone with an online presence seems to be planning a live event…where should we flock to this year?

Finally, Dermot and Andy discuss New Years (tech) resolutions and whilst they both admit to probably owning a drone and an Apple Watch by year end, can a smart watch, even an Apple Watch, ever take the place of something that may be of incredibly important sentimental value?

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Andy O'Donoghue talks about technology, some say, too much.

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