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Video: Sabrina Cortugno, on animation: script or pictures first?

The  most charming Kickstarter I’ve backes is Sabrina Cortugno’s Bleeding Heart project. Sabrina is a storyboard artist on Gravity Falls and her Bleeding Heart project was a step away from animation and in to the world comic art.


Bleeding Heart was 28-page about a young man named Henry – a scientist-in-
training who one night encounters an injured werewolf collapsed on his doorstep. Who could resist that tale? Coupled with great rewards it was an unstoppable project, soaring past 100% funding in a day, and going on to raise $23,000 from almost a thousand backers. I really wanted to chat to Sabrina for the Podcast, not so much about Kickstarter but about Sabrina’s thoughts on animation. She attended CalArts and honed her craft at Gobelin in Paris so I was curious what she’d found – story or pictures, what’s first in making great animation?

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