e-Skoot ETWOW Booster Scooter

Commuting is no fun and no matter what we use to alleviate the drudgery – freesheets on the train, car radios, head- phones – it never comes close to fun. So when I heard about the E-Twow Booster Scooter my commuter’s heart skipped a beat. Stylish, goes for miles at a decent speed – this was something that could make me look forward to my daily commute.

The scooter comes folded and locked in an easy-to-carry con guration in a gym bag- sized case. A small release button frees the stem and height-adjustable handlebars – with snap-on silicone grips – that open up into a traditional scooter shape. It’s powered by a Lithium-ion battery hidden in the deck with a discreet charging port at the base of the stem. It comes with a mains charger and takes less than two hours to charge with a range of around 35km.

The power button illuminates an LED dis- play on the small dash which shows battery level, trip distance as well as your speed. Just below is a button for the horn – ear-piercingly shrill – and a switch for the powerful front LED light. There is also a red rear light and automatic brake light.

The brake is on one handlebar, the throt- tle on the other. In order to avoid accidentally starting the motor before you’re ready to set o , it’s designed not to engage until you push o and reach 2mph. Then the 500 watt electric motor built into the front wheel engages smoothly and very quietly.

I stopped wobbling after a few minutes once I’d familiarised myself with the throttle and brake and found a comfortable position for my feet on the deck. Front and rear shock absorbers ensure a smooth ride. The brake system is effective and stops you quickly and the in-built KERS – used in Formula 1 cars – means using the brake charges the battery as you go, adding to the scooter’s overall range.

Out on the open road its sturdy frame has a top speed of just under 25kph which feels a lot quicker with the wind in your face. I found 15kph to be the optimum speed for a nice solid ride and a swift commute. Hills are no trouble, it can handle 25% inclines without any di culty or groaning from the motor.

This is a really well engineered piece of kit, ideal for two quick trips a day, although I’d suggest a slightly wider deck board. The battery lasts well, it’s safe, has ample lighting and brakes and added more fun to my commute than I’ve had in years.

More info: e-skoot.com

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