Run Angel – A Personal Safety Wearable for Women

Run Angel – A Personal Safety Wearable for Women
Run Angel is as well made as it is useful and most importantly it can give you something most gadgets can’t, peace of mind.
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Opening the Run Angel box reveals a wearable gadget that looks much like a digital watch. Packed in a small, sturdy hard-shell case that’s ideal for traveling there is the device itself and a USB charging cable. Run Angel looks just like a fitness tracker or small smart-watch. There’s an accompanying available for iOS and Android and after downloading, you’re ready to connect your Run Angel to your phone.

Bluetooth needs to be enabled on your phone and there’s a nice simple connection screen on the app that pairs your phone with the Run Angel. There’s an audible tone from the gadget and it’s small indicator light will change colour and start blinking green. Once you’ve done this once, the phone and gadget will automatically pair in the future.

Run Angel
Picture: Miki Barlok

Once my device was paired, I could then go ahead and create my guardian network. This is the list of three people who will receive a notification if I sound my personal alarm. The three people you choose will receive an SMS text message with a link they click to confirm they’re happy to be on your guardian network.

This is the very smart part of this wearable gadget. When using the device it’s possible to trigger the loud alarm, or via the app on your phone or even a silent alarm. Your guardian network will then receive an email and text notification that you need help. The email and text show the date and time, and by using the connection to your phone, will show a map link for your location when the alarm was triggered.

Triggering the alarm on the Run Angel is simple, and can be done instantly. It requires just one press on the centre button of the device to trigger the alarm and that alarm is ear-numbing. It generates a tone of 120 decibels. Run Angel say that’s the equivalent of standing in front of a festival concert speaker, and having tried it, I believe them.

Picture: Miki Barlok

De-activating the alarm is cleverly achieved by pressing a different button, a small one on the edge of the strap. It’s also possible to deactivate the alarm using the app if you have your phone to hand.

If you forget your phone when out walking or running the Run Angel can be used on it’s own but you get just the benefit of the audible alarm, rather than the activation of your emergency messages to the guardian network.

The Run Angel has a rechargeable battery and when it’s time for a charge you’ll see a red light on its front with a full charge taking less than two hours. I found battery life good and the device can be conveniently powered down when you’re not using it or at home.

This is a not a waterproof wearable gadget and while it’s sweat proof it shouldn’t be worn in the shower or swimming. I think waterproofing is a feature Run Angel should consider as this could be an invaluable gizmo for children near pools or the sea on summer holidays. Run Angel is as well made as it is useful and most importantly it can give you something most gadgets can’t, peace of mind.

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