16 Discoveries For Every Amateur Google Maps Explorer

With the news that Uber are about to enter the mapping race along with Google (and their – cough – competitor, Bing) we thought we’d give you a rundown of some of the uncanny bits and pieces that previous foolhardy cartographers have discovered in their mapping exploits, be it from the air or ground.

  1. This rather trite bit of merchandising by KFC.

Google Maps 01 - KFC

2. This admittedly fairly cool one by Coca-Cola.

Google Maps 02 Coca Cola

3. Wait, even Firefox getting in on the act now?

Google Maps 03 Firefox

4. Pfft. You’re not even trying Ford.

Google Maps 04 Ford Logo

5. These irate scuba divers in hot pursuit.

Google Maps 05 Scuba Divers

6. This man and his date.

Google Maps 06 Blowup Doll

7. This man and his, altogether more respectable, date.

Google Maps 07 Cat

8. The face of Satan himself (pssst.. this article appears to show that the claim was a hoax, as evidenced by their using the names Luther Blissett and Alan Smithee, both well known aliases for artistic pranks).

Google Maps 08 Satan

9. This real, and apparently unintentional swastika, which is actually an American naval building in Colorado and has had to spent 600k transforming itself after its outline was revealed.

Google Maps 09 Swastika

10. The Osmington White Horse, a historic work of art, from 1808.

Google Maps 10 Osmington White Horse

11. And this entirely accidental terrain face from Alberta, Canada, which is even creepier.

Google Maps 11 Face

12. The super creepy Escher-effect on these buildings in Houston, Texas.

Google Maps 12Escher Effedt


13. And distorted bridges like this.

Google Maps 14 Distorted Bridges

14. And this.

Google Maps 13 Distorted Bridges

15. That really aren’t for the faint of heart.

Google Maps 15 Distorted Bridges

16. But let’s leave you with this heart-warming image and its accompanying tale. What better way to get your one true love’s attention than by sitting back and waiting for her to scroll ther way through the entirety of the world’s biggest online map resource? Tale as old as time!

Google Maps 16 Proposal

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