10 Robots That Won’t Be Ruling The World Any Time Soon

The proliferation of robots is a topic we’ve covered many times here, mainly in terms of how inescapable our eventual destruction at their hands will be, but luckily there are those out there who have a differing view, and who are on hand to make us all feel a little bit better about the bright technological future ahead of us. Step forward Reddit thread, Sh*tty Robots which has exposed us to a few of the less terrifying cybernetic advancements crawling out of a lab near you.

A rude finger

One can’t say this one doesn’t at least fulfil its primary function well.

This decidedly unimpressive can crusher

Might need a little more work.

Tooth destroying, hair ripping corn-bot

Because clearly eating corn on the cob has been too difficult for too long.

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The most necessary graduation accessory of all time

How have we survived this long without this kind of grad-swag?

These excitable, if slightly clumsy football robots

I don’t even know what it is that these guys are supposed to be doing.

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A robotic tongue

That appears to have been specifically created for the attentions of anime schoolgirls. Ughhh.

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10/10 for effort.


The world’s most effective printer

So long as penmanship isn’t that big a dealbreaker and you have a fortnight to wait

This terrifying catbot

The perfect gift for those elderly people you simply don’t love enough to visit any more, and certainly wouldn’t trust to look after a living cat

A robot that literally is billed as “drinking coke until it dies”

Yep. That’s what it does. For some unfathomable reason.


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