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Sunday / May 27.
HomeTechnology3 BEST UPDATES ON iOS8


The latest version of Apple’s operating system has gone up just in time for the latest version of Apple’s iPhones to go on sale, but anyone with a compatible Apple product will be able to avail of the updates, too. Here’s the three best things we found while playing around with the latest iOS:


When you’re texting your friend or friends (we don’t know how popular you are, and we don’t judge), there’s a little microphone icon that once you push it, starts recording. So you can say you’re little message to whomever your chatting with, and sending it on. Sometimes the tone of your message can get lost via text, and with this little addition, that is no longer an issue.


If you’ve got your iPhone charging in the next room, you can set it so anyone ringing you will have their call forwarded to you on to your Mac or IPad, and you can answer the phone call through them. Of course this also means that three of your Apple gadgets will be ringing all at once, but that’s only going to make you look even more popular.

This is something that Android phone users have had for a while, but now Apple users will get to play around with too. The predictive text on your keyboard will come up with some options for how it thinks you will be continuing your sentence, and makes the process of texting even easier and faster. However, it’s not going to guess what you might have to say correctly every single time, but there’s always the chance that it’ll guess so incorrectly, you’ll end up screengrabbing it to show all of your friends.

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