4 Gadgets To Make Office Life That Little Bit Easier

We are a little too familiar with the annoyances that dominate the office  and so, have chosen four inventive gadgets which will be sure to make your life a little easier.

1. Livescribe 3 Smartpen

Taking notes in meetings is everyone’s most detested task. Said task however, is about to cease to exist with the launch of the Livescribe 3 Smartpen. The nifty gadget uses an infrared camera at its tip to read as you write, and,using Bluetooth Smart, mirrors your handwritten notes to your mobile or tablet device through the Livescribe+ app. Don’t worry if you’re unable to connect to your app at any given time, the ideal pocket-sized gizmo saves your notes in it’s memory as you write – could it get any better?


2. The FUZ Noke Bluetooth Padlock

FUZ Designs have been busy working on their latest eccentric device; Noke which is being touted as “the smartest padlock ever made”. The creative bunch will release the clever little gadget later this month. The guys at FUZ know just how easy it is to lose a set of keys or forget a combination code so by simply pairing your Noke padlock to your personal mobile device with the Noke app, you can access your possessions securely. Never worry about arriving to your bike after a long day at work to find you’ve forgotten your keys again! When unlocking Noke, simply press the lock which will then search for your phone or a shared device, and, if your device is within a few feet of the lock it will open – pretty nifty ay?


3. The Quirky Space Bar

Are you constantly looking for extra connection ports for your desktop but are worried that your desk may get a little cluttered? If that’s a yes then we’ve got something for you. The innovative Quirky Space Bar is a sleek desk accessory with six extra connection ports; two USB 3.0 ports for high speed syncing and two high-power USB charging points. The compact gadget sits under your monitor and is available in black, white and brushed aluminium.


4. YuZhou Clip-on Cup Holder

Never worry about knocking your cup over and its contents pouring over your desktop again! This crafty cup holder clips onto the side of your desk so, in the event of a spillage, thankfully the floor will be the only thing that your beverage destroys. The clever office accessory also acts as a smart extension for your desk space.

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