5 Gadgets To Turn Your House Into The Home of the Future

You arrive home from your job at SpaceBank, crack open a jar of food pills and activate your hololens to watch your favourite galactic soap before doing virtual zumba via your ether-cycle. Such was the dream of every young geek who watched Lost In Space, Back to the Future II, The Jetsons or a million cheaply made knock-offs in between. And, while the lack of jetpacks and hoverboards have taken the brunt of our disappointment for many years, there are actually numerous ingenious little household gadgets that could have your house looking like you were promised 2016 would.

Clothes-Drying Hanger

Yep, this device does exactly what that title suggests; you hang your clothes up and it dries them there and then. Well, over a period of thirty to forty minutes. It even comes with an adorable pair of arms that can reach into shoes or gloves should you feel the need. Future-riffic!

Household Gadgets 01 Hanger


Though still in prototype stage, this Eco Cleaner was an award winner in Electrolux’s coveted Design Lab awards, and works like this; you stick your plates in and it massages them with gentle ultrasonics, carefully accumulating all the food waste for compacting purposes. Cool, glowy AND good for the environment!

Household Gadgets 02 Eco Cleaner

Smart Bathroom Mirror

If the best thing you see in your bathroom mirror each day is the slow, steady retreat of your hairline, then this snazzy smart mirror could really modernize your mornings. Not only is this technology available, you can even make it yourself, like designer and programmer Max Braun.

Household Gadgets 03 Mirror

Floorplan Switches

And just so you can pretend you live and work in a futuristic showroom of design excellence, why not light your path to bed with these nifty floor plan light switches that make hitting the right switch easier than ever.

Household Gadgets 04 Floorplan Switch

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