5 Ways Your Gadget Might Get You Arrested

unnamedFlying Your Drone At The White House

Flying your drone near the White House is a pretty good way to get your drone taken away from you at the very least, and can indeed lead to criminal citatons, as the linked article suggests. In fact, guidelines released by the State Department explicitly state that any and all drone pilots should refrain from letting their vessels anywhere near protected air space. Drone pilots should count their lucky stars, however, as a gyrocopter pilot could face 9 years in prison for straying too close to the President’s gaff this April.






Buying A Device For Your Toddler (if you live in Taiwan)

The Taiwanese have just made it illegal for any child under two years old to use any electronic devices, at the risk of a £1,000 fine. Considering the much-needed hush time currently made possible for Irish parents by hastily arranged Peppa Pig iPad screenings, we can’t see this one coming to our shores too soon without a major public outcry but do be warned!





Snapping Pics of the Eiffel Tower (At Night)

Eiffel Tower at nightAccording to the EU’s 2001 Information Society directive, the Parisian landmark’s evening light show is a work of art, and thus protected from photographic reproduction from either professional photography set-ups or cameraphone quickies. Not that too many people will be bothered as the tower is the most visited paid monument on Earth, attracting no less than 7 million visitors to Paris each year. A healthy percentage of whom are unwitting, and unrepentant criminals.




BackiBacking up cdsng Up Your CD or DVD Collection

Yep, after 13 years of mostly common sense attitudes to copying YOUR OWN PROPERTY, recent changes in UK law have made it, once again, illegal for you to back up your media library. The real crime here of course is the quaint and charming idea that people still buy CDs. Bless!









Using Uber as a Getaway Driver

Always a stickler for the law, the police do not look too kindly on armed robbery whatever your escape plan, but for goodness sake try not to use the Uber app as a getaway device – it just won’t go too well for you or your dreams of heading off into the sunset, as one unlucky dum-dum recently found to his detriment.


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Does Blackberry’s open letter have a return address?

Tomorrow, Blackberry will release a letter to media outletss worldwide. When I got news of this tonight, I stumbled mentally for a moment. I thought it reminiscent of the "There is life after Apple" Chiat/Day letter from Steve Jobs in the Wall Street Journal 25 years ago. For a minute I allowed techno-romance to gnaw at me, but only for a minute. Tomorrow's open missal from Blackberry reminds me more of a fake letter that appeared in Chinese newspaper, The Southern Metropolis Daily a couple of months ago, and then found it's way around China via the micro-blogging Weibo.
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Mavshack VOD teams up with myPhone in Philippines

Mavshack.com, the video on-demand streaming company has agreed a partnership with MyPhone, the leading distributor of phones in the Philippines. Mavshack is a leader  in streaming local content to global populations and Mavshack Philippines is the first of several content channels being delivered worldwide.  Mavshack operate a multi-platform service similar to Netflix in the Philippines, costing around 210 Philippine Pesos, the equivalent of five dollars per month.
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NASA Game Changing 3D Printing success really matters

Last night I tweeted a link to the Press Release from NASA regarding their success with  testing a rocket engine injector made through additive manufacturing, or as we say these days,  3D printing. What surprised me was the reaction I got via re-Tweets, messages and people just saying 'wow!'. I think what caught people's attention was the potential highlighted by the success in NASA's test, the potential for manufacturing and for business.
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Social Media: quality always tops quantity

In recent years I have had the privilege to speak at a number of different events on Social Media. Typically the area of greatest interest has always been Facebook. The same question always pops up during the Q&A part - “I don’t have a budget for Facebook, how do I get to 100,000 fans?” To be fair, there is not one answer to this question for every industry but I will try to give you an answer that should set you on the right path.

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