8 Times The Crew of the International Space Station Were Totally "Adorkable"

Being adorkable – that heady mix of dorky and adorable – is not exactly easy but it isn’t rocket science either, as this little rundown highlights our solar system’s wackiest astronauts.

  1. Vanilla

Here we have some astronauts in something like their natural habitat, a multinational crew of boiler-suited boffins. No wackiness here, no siree.

Expedition 20 Crew Photo
Expedition 20 Crew Photo
  1. Drama!

Oh there we go, that’s a little more filmic. Nice sideways poses and some Sy-Fy channel lighting on the planet graphic.

ISS Expedition 20 Mission Poster
ISS Expedition 20 Mission Poster
  1. Firefly!

Oh, ok nice, a Firefly reference. That’s pretty cool, as things go. Playful but straight-laced, cheeky but classic.

Astronauts 03a

  1. Hitch-Hikers of the Skies

Guys. Guys, this is great. It’s real fun and the space theme and, wait a minute, did you buy those costumes and props? Look at the build quality on that coat. And the lil’ double-finger-behind-the-head shot. You guys are really warming up to the LOL potentials of being astronauts here.

Astronauts 04a

  1. Trapped in the Matrix

Holy crap. You went there. There isn’t, admittedly a HUGE connection between The Matrix and space travel, but it is sci-fi and I reckon after a few years of doing these adorable photoshoots you started realizing you could keep the costumes, and a free leather trench coat is a free leather trench coat.

Expedition 16 ''The Matrix'' NASA Space Flight Awareness crew poster
Expedition 16 ”The Matrix” NASA Space Flight Awareness crew poster
  1. Caribbean?

Right we are stretching here a little, I’m going to be honest. I’m sure at some point you will be over the Carribean – their craft circles the earth 16 times a day, after all – but you can’t fault the art here. Beards, eyepatches, the whole shebang. We’ll let you have it, sure why not?

Astronauts 06a

  1. Abbey Road

OK, we might have to have a bit of a chat here, this one is a bit of a game changer. We like that the pedestrian crossing signs have been changed to XXVI for the expedition number. But other than that, we’re not sensing an overall thematic link to space travel. Also, we want to see you dressed up guys. Come on.

Astronauts 07a

  1. Back On Top

My, oh my, you save the best to last. Crew of the International Space Station I will never doubt you again. This image, released just this week, is everything we want from the world’s foremost astronautical nerdlingers. And you know for a fact that they’re really wearing those Jedi robes.

Astronauts 08a

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