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Sunday / May 27.
HomeTechnologyBoat Thieves Caught By Teenagers With A Phantom Drone

Boat Thieves Caught By Teenagers With A Phantom Drone

Boat thieves got rather more than they bargained for last week when their exploits were recorded and eventually thwarted by some teenagers with a drone camera. The teens, whose own boat had been unmoored and stolen by some naughty nauticalists, were quick enough on the march to get their DJI Phantom 4K drone in hot pursuit of the thieves and tail them, all while recording gloriously detailed high definition footage of them as they went.

With a top speed of 50 mph, the drone was able to catch the maritime miscreants, gathering information from their course and bearing to determine where they would likely emerge. They did this to such accuracy that the thieves, and boats, were apprehended as they came into port some time later. So next time you see someone flying a drone nearby, relax in the knowledge that your boat is immeasurably safer.

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