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Sunday / December 16.
HomeTechnologyGozi Virus Hacker Given $7 million Fine

Gozi Virus Hacker Given $7 million Fine

Nikita Kuzmin, a Russian hacker who was part of the team behind the Gozi virus, has been ordered to pay $6.9 million, in restitution for his virus’ exploits. The Gozi virus infected people’s computers via PDF documents and then took millions of dollars from bank accounts once it had gained access. The hack was spotted by 2007, but had already done untold damage and made millions of dollars from tens of thousands of bank accounts by that time.

Court records say that as well as profiting directly from the hack, Kuzmin also rented out the virus to other hackers for $500 a week, earning a quarter of a million just from rentals alone in that time. Kuzmin was not given a greater sentence as it appears he has cooperated fully with authorities, mainly during his earlier internment for a 37 month period beginning in 2011.


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