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Saturday / July 11.
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Mavshack VOD teams up with myPhone in Philippines

Mavshack.com, the video on-demand streaming company has agreed a partnership with MyPhone, the leading distributor of phones in the Philippines. Mavshack is a leader  in streaming local content to global populations and Mavshack Philippines is the first of several content channels being delivered worldwide.  Mavshack operate a multi-platform service similar to Netflix in the Philippines, costing around 210 Philippine Pesos, the equivalent of five dollars per month.

MyPhone is the largest phone seller in the Philippines selling around 60,000 new phones per month. Next week they’ll release a new HD device specifically aimed at streaming entertainment to the a growing market that has already passed 100 million mobile subscribers.

Lozano went on to say that a natural next step for the partnership  was to involve themselves with the Independent film community and film students, with special events and screenings being planned.  Good news for indie film-makers and a good community project in a country where film-finance is often difficult to secure.

Mavshack’s share price has doubled since last Autumn and it’s the potential growth in emerging markets that’s driving the positive outlook. Jonas Litborn, President and CEO knows the VOD business and has an interesting take on how to succeed in the increasingly competitive streaming movie business, including an interesting option for companies to cponsor movies-to-consumers on the Mavshack India and Filipino FaceBook pages.

Recently, MavShack appointed a new permanent CFO Ollie Knaust. He has extensive experience with quoted companies in the Large Cap List and he previously served as CFO of Fabege and as a Director at consulting firm Connecta. MavShack also appointed Per Lundquist as VP of Sales and Acquisitions. He comes from media rights distribution company IEC, where he was Director Sales & Acquisitions Europe. Starting in August his key objective is developing new markets for Mavshack in Indonesia, India, China and Thailand.

Interesting appointments, as the myPhone deal in the Philippines relies on streaming success, and success with streaming is about volume and content, and it looks like Mavshack are getting serious on both fronts; an interesting year ahead for Jonas Litborn and his team.

[blockquote size=”full|half|third|fourth|two-thirds|three-fourths” align=”left|right” byline=”Jerry Lozano, Global Director of Mavshack Philippines”]..Mavshack and MyPhone will engage on several levels from installing the Mavshack mobile app onto all of their units to co-promotions on Facebook and Indie Film Programs. We are excited that MyPhone will be an integral part of the Mavshack launch into the Philippines by helping us with content delivery through the upcoming release of the new HD unit and the distribution of the Mavshack mobile application.[/blockquote]

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