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Thursday / January 17.
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Remote Petcare Now Possible With The Play Date Smart Ball

PlayDatePossibly jumping to the top of our all time cutest gadgets lists, the PlayDate smart ball has expanded on the potential of Sphero’s remote control balls – most notably popularized in its sensational BB-88 toy for Star Wars.

By combining the sensors, gyroscope and remote control aspects of the Sphero with camera technology, PlayDate want to allow you to play with your pets while you’re away from them. As of last week, their crowdfunding page currently wants to raise 60,000 to that end. Obviously, aside from the adorable hijinks of actually playing with your pet, it can also allow you to keep tabs on lil Stinky, just in case he’s decided to eat your sanitary products again or used auntie Mabel’s cushion sets as his own personal concubines. Whatever you use it for, be the first on the block to get your hands on an engraved first model by donating at the link above.

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