Scare Yourself Awake : 4 Horrifying Gadgets For Serial Sleepyheads

No one likes getting up in the morning, at least no normal person anyway. If you’re the type that hits snooze 40 times before you get up, and STILL find yourself twenty minutes late rubbing gunk from your eyes on the way to work, then here’s some of the most anti-social chronological gizmos available.

The Shock Clock Wake Up Trainer

Currently being crowdfunded, the Shock Clock is your standard wearable training band, with all the usual applications of a fitness tracker and personal exercise manager. Where it deviates from others is in its use for heavy sleepers and shy risers everywhere – as the Shock Clock WakeUp Trainer first vibrates, then beeps and finally literally hits you with electric shocks until you get out of bed.

Alarms 01 Shock



The Dumbbell Alarm

Only marginally less offensive to the senses than being actually electrocuted is the idea posited by this devious little device, which once activated for your wake up time, will only stop beeping once you’ve lifted it 30 times. A waking nightmare.

Alarms 02 Dumbbell

Clocky Aqua – The Runaway Alarm Clock

Matching an utterly horrible premise with incredibly cutesy presentation is the beguiling and no doubt insanely annoying Clocky Aqua Runaway Alarm Clock – a beguiling Chinese product that sports a loud beep and all-terrain wheels designed to get as far away from you as possible the second it gets the chance. Hellish mornings have never looked so adorable.

Alarms 03 Clock Aqua

The Sonic Bomb With Bed Shaker

For the true masochist, however, there’s only one option – an alarm clock so loud they call it the Sonic Bomb, which comes complete with an adjustable bed shaker to boot, built in pulsating alert lights and a snooze diffuser for extra-added complexity. Turning you into a morning person one heart attack at a time.

Alarms 04 Sonic Bomb

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