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Between new years’ paeans to healthy living and the gradual thawing of a pretty horrible winter, people are looking to get more active in the next few weeks. Thankfully for those of us who can’t leave the house without a gizmo or two to help us out, there are a whole range of gadgets available to aide, enhance and revolutionise the sporting life. Let’s take a look at four of the best.

Lumo Lift – Posture Tracker

Well, it may seem like starting small, but back stress and pain account for a huge amount of ill health and inactivity, so much so the NHS actually recommends a suite of exercises to improve your posture. This little gizmo does the usual fitness tracking stuff, but also records and tracks your posture for correction. Buy here.


Ti.ttle Golf Aides

Another wearable, only this one is an “e-caddie”, that promises to improve your golf game, with ingenious realtime features such as its patented ‘swing analyzer’. So if you’re the kind of person that wants to really take your tee to task – OR watch how bad you are at golf on a loop, forever – check out their site and see for yourself.

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F1rst Version Smart Shirt

This wearable also documents your sporting prowess, but in a novel and cool way. F1rst Vision is a smart shirt with inbuilt HD camera, and tracker, allowing athletes to measure, record and broadcast live sports from the thick of the action.


Mellow Drive Skateboard Motoriser

Now, personally we think this might be cheating, but at the same time, one of the coolest things we’ve seen in a while; a powered skateboard with all the ease and maneuverability of the classic kind. Unobtrusively designed and beautifully crafted, the Mellow Drive device slots under your regular skateboard, and could prove the next step for those slackers who are too lazy even to skateboard. Like us. Have a look at their site here.


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