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Wednesday / August 5.
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U2 members invest in dropbox

Having seen their investment in FaceBook turn into almost a billion dollars, a Tweet from Dropbox indicates that U2 members Bono and The Edge have made yet another canny investment in one of the most exciting tech start-ups for years, Dropbox.

Founded in 2007 by MIT graduates Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi, Dropbox is without doubt the most attractive implementation of a personal cloud service, with versions available for Mac, WIndows iOS and Android.

While many companies crowded on to the Cloud bandwagon recently, many nothing more rthan esellers of large, remote storage, Dropbox is a beautiful deployment and shows real innovation.

WIth both free and paid versions – I stil use a free version – it’s true power for me is an enabler for my iPad – I grab my iPad and go, knowing my presentations, docs and other crucial bits and pieces are always with me, as I access them using the elegant Dropbox for iOS app. Seamless, value and reliable. That’s what makes DropBox different, innovative and helps it catch the eye of savvy investors, and a legion of loyal fans.

Andy O’Donoghue’s radio interview on this story @ : Podcast @ AudioLeap

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  1. Visit DropBox.com and sign-up for a free account
  2. Visit U2.com
  3. DropBox entry on Wikipedia
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