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Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

I was assured, at a very young age, that I had a fine head of hair. This has thankfully remained the case despite the passing years. Of course I visit the barber but I have looked after my cuticles no more than the average man and I have certainly never put much thought in to my hairdryer. I’ve always lived in a house where there was one to hand, but I’ve never paid much attention to the gadget I dry my hair with most days. That all changed this week as I got to grips with the first foray in to haircare, for Dyson.
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Today, Dyson have done what we wished they would!

The day I got my Roomba 400 series years ago I have been wondering why Dyson hadn't done this? I wasn't just wondering, I wished Dyson would do it. The uphill running water was great, but James, please get back to the robot work. And he did. Sixteen years is how long Britian's greatest living inventor says he's been working on a Dyson Robotic Vacuum cleaner. 100,000 hours of work; sweat and tears also I imagine, but as ever with Dyson within the R&D, the hard work, test, failure and re-test lay the spark of innovation that makes Dyson different. Sixteen years. It appears, it was worth the wait.