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Why Sony bought Gaikai

Sony can be a global player again - this time it's all in the cloud and the cloud, is finally ready Sony is still is a great global brand - but they've missed a couple of boats/ They missed the MP3 player and the Smart TV revolution - Apple and Samsung swooped on their territory and won market share away from the iconic Japanese company.

Sony and Gaikai : pretty clouds on the horizon.

So we continue to be seduced by the cloud - The Cloud, as a phrase has entered the vocabulary of people from all walks of life - many of them, C-Level executives who despite knowing the phrase, struggle with what this darn thing is all about. It first seemed that it was mid-size business that grasped the opportunity for reducing the amlunt of servers, expensive air-conditionig units and staff that were required to manage their corporate data, then tech powerhouses like Apple, Amazon and Google began to keep our information - our spreadsheets, our contact lists - safe in the cloud so we could access them anytime - from anywhere on a host of different devices. Apple introduced iTnes Match - so you buy your music on one device and it appears across all your others. DropBox came along and connected the average iPad and Android user with the cloud. Marketeers went mad - IT managers embraced it - ill-informed execs said they needed it.