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Sky Invasion

Man bun bespoke freegan, kitsch retro ethical banh mi williamsburg drinking vinegar sustainable heirloom wolf hipster portland. Tacos…
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Ka-chinggg : virtual currency is everywhere, suddenly?

Such a move shouldn't effect the promise that virtual currency holds. For instance, a simple example, virtual currency can help eliminate currency considerations and empower local retailers to sell to cross border buyers. Twenty percent shifts in Sterling or Dollar or Euro become irrelevant to one-currency-online shoppers. Global web, global commerce. But there will genuinely be those who seek to subvert and exploit the system. Admittedly, most financial crime we've seen in the last five years has been committed by men in good suits, but this isn't really about financial crime, it's about preventing the hiding of money acquired as a result of other crime.
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Australia’s central bank hacked? Not quite.

In response to media reports that the The Reserve Bank of Australia's network had been compromised, the nation's central bank confirmed it regularly consults with the Defence Signals Directorate as well as using the expertise of private firms. The DSD, headquartered in Camberra, Australia, was formed in World War II to work primarily on radio signal interception and direction-finding. In January 2010 the DSD established the Cyber Security Operations Centre focussing on detection and prevention of ICT security threats to critical Australian systems, and coordinate a response to those threats across government and and the private sector.
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2013 Action Plan for Jobs & Business On-line Voucher

Today the Taoiseach, the Tánaiste and the Jobs & Enterprise Minister  launched the government's Action Plan for Jobs 2013, the next step in the Government’s plan to rebuild the economy and accelerate the transition to a sustainable, jobs-rich economy based on enterprise, innovation and exports. The Plan contains 333 actions to be implemented in 2013 by 16 Government Departments and 46 agencies.  It has a significant technology element to it - ICT Skills and Big Data get specific focus having consideration for how they can impact the Irish economy in a positive way.