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BioLite Camp Stove

It can’t just be me, but it really does feels like spring. These days, even technology is seasonal and it’s time to look at the sort of tech that makes life outdoors or on holiday a little bit easier, and a bit more fun. Whether you’re heading for the beach or the hills it mightn’t just be the teenagers in the back of the car who are worried about keeping smartphones and iPads powered up over a long weekend. Maybe we’re too reliant on our phones but if you’re touring or camping, keeping a phone powered up when you’re away from home is a very sensible plan.
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Flir One Digital Imaging Camera

There’s a myth that we have the space race to thank for the non-stick frying pan. In fact, Teflon, the substance that ensures your breakfast didn’t stick to the pan this morning was discovered decades before that giant step. It is true though, that technology trickles down, from big business, from professional users and yes, even from space. Things like invisible braces and scratch resistant sunglasses all have heritage in serious scientific research and, so does thermal imaging.

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