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An iBeacons demo : for a fictional Newstalk café

Dermot Daly the founder of Tapadoo came in to talk recently about iBeacons on Newstalk's Down To Business with Bobby Kerr. Before Dermot came in, he created a demo app - a fictional Newstalk Café so we could see how users with smart-phones interact with beacons as they visit different locations, and even different spots within locations.
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iBeacons Can Change Retail Forever

Today on Down To Business we chatted about a simple little device, costing around €25. There's not much inside, they're not that smart and they're a modest price but these little pieces of plastic could change the way we spend our money, and our time forever. You can use the information advertised by beacons to enhance the user’s experience of a particular location. For example, a museum app can monitor for beacons placed near the museum’s important exhibits.
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Newstalk: iBeacons & The Future of Retail

Today on Down To Business with Bobby Kerr we chatted with Dermot Daly the founder and CEO of Tapadoo about iBeacons, a technology that I believe can change retail, for the better, forever. Sharp retailers and venue owners are following Apple and Major League Baseball in putting these cost-effective little Bluetooth LE devices in stores and places like museums around the world to personalise the customer experience in way that was unimaginable five years ago.
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iBeacons : Redcert Podcast #4.1

Andy O'Donoghue and Dermot Daly, the founder and CEO of Tapadoo discuss iBeacons and what Dermot's company Tapadoo have been doing with fascinating devices. Devices that could well radically transform sectors like retail, sooner than we think.