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Samsung TabPro S

I find myself using my iPad less and less. My television has gotten bigger and it has Twitter and YouTube built in and a high-definition screen and even my phone has mushroomed in size over the last couple of years. Sometimes, I even use both of them at once. I’m not alone it seems, and while laptop sales see a resurgence and companies continue to launch new smartphones the technology business has found itself with a squeezed middle, the tablet.
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Apple after Steve Jobs: Newstalk, Down To Business

With Apple's recent quarterly results showing a fall in profit, and research from Strategy Dynamics on the second quarters tablet sales indicating Apple's iPad market share may be down to 28%, we discussed Apple after Steve Jobs and is Tim Cook going to get the world's biggest technology back on track?

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Improving learning outcomes, with iPad

Apple has been strong in education for years - and is the number one provider of technology to education in many markets - the Mac has long been the desired computer of choice for students of all ages. The iPod Touch has been deployed succesfully in school laguage labs and now the iPad promises to deliver better learning outcomes to those visionary schools who see the benefit of this ground-breaking technology.