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Opinion News: A Journalistic Oxymoron

According to Wikipedia, The Blaze is "a conservative news and opinion website".  Curious the order listed there; it's definitely heavy on the opinion, light on actual news.  It's owned by, one of the right-wingiest, nutjobbiest of all right-wing nut jobs, so it's not surprising. 
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Twitter: The Best and Worst Thing to Happen to News

Confession:  I adore Twitter.  I am a confirmed, self-admitted Twitter addict.  It's the social medium where I feel the most comfortable and the least restricted.  If all social media is just a microcosm of the high school experience, Facebook is the sunlit courtyard where the cool kids hang out, while Twitter is the shaded corner behind the shop-class where the stoners, the gamers and the brains congregate to discuss deeper, yet more convoluted subjects of life.