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Are today’s Yahoo! results really that dissapointing?

 Two key elements disappointed analysts; search revenue, banner and video advertising lower than expected and next quarter projections about 8% lower than analysts were looking for, and yet, only moderate pre-market selling and already Yahoo! shares up on the day at $23.98. And it was a progressive quarter in other ways, as Yahoo! announced acquisitions like,, Alike, and Jybe - it was also the quarter where they announced the well publicised but somewhat mysterious acquisition of Summly.

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What should Marissa Mayer do with Yahoo?

In addition to their initiative with ad-serving - Google acquired YouTube, and the next thing you know, video is the most important growth area on the web; Google have access to terabytes of video content and an outlet for (a growing number of) new advertisers who are willing to try video ads and big brands who have TV or viral ads ready to go. Yahoo! acquired the world's largest photo sharing site in 2005, Flickr - but would you know? And what have they done with it?