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BYOD checklist for the SME

 There are lots of guides and polices on the web for larger businesses who want to adopt a Bring-Your-Own-Device policy - but I've found fewer resources for sharp thinking SMEs who are embracing the BYOD movement. WIth this in mind I've assembled some key pointers below that should help you ask yourself the right questions at the start of the  process - plan well and BYOD can enhance your business practice, improve your productivity and give your business the edge that mobility can bring.

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Visionary Zenprise acquired by mobility focussed Citrix

A few hours ago it was announced that Citrix have agreed terms to acquire Zenprise, the world's leading mobile device management software maker. To many in the industry this isn't a surprise, an acquisition was expected, but perhaps this happened a little sonner than we'd anticipated. So what prompted CiItrix to make this move?  With the profilferation of corporate owned mobile device and the burgeoning trend for BYOD there is growing demand for mobile device management software.


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