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Presence: Smart Surveillance Camera

Technology can disrupt an entire industry without even being noticed. The music business didn’t spot the iPod was a wolf in sheep’s clothing and around the world, the taxi industry were caught napping on the rank as Uber rolled in to town. The same thing seems to be happening to the home security business. More and more home security and monitoring equipment is made for DIY install by anyone and the security monitoring business could be next as we can now get live video and alerts straight to our phone.
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ASUS Reco Smart Car Cam

Cameras are everywhere. On the streets, in our homes and on our phones. I’ve noticed an increasing number of cyclists even, wearing helmet mounted cameras as they work their way through rush hour traffic. In Russia and Asia dash-mounted cameras are growing increasingly popular with regular motorists who hope they’ll help indicate who might have done what, after a coming together in traffic.
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The Pirate Bay sets sail: Fame Over?

Swedish based file-sharing site The Pirate Bay (#TPB : #PirateBay) which was raided yesterday stopped operating for a short time, but despite continuing coverage of the closure, the Pirate Bay is back online, with some outlets claiming it has moved to Costa Rica. In fact the torrent sharing web-site, created as a platform of protest and recently disowned by one of its founders has moved, but closer to home than Central America.
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Visionary Zenprise acquired by mobility focussed Citrix

A few hours ago it was announced that Citrix have agreed terms to acquire Zenprise, the world's leading mobile device management software maker. To many in the industry this isn't a surprise, an acquisition was expected, but perhaps this happened a little sonner than we'd anticipated. So what prompted CiItrix to make this move?  With the profilferation of corporate owned mobile device and the burgeoning trend for BYOD there is growing demand for mobile device management software.