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Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

The smartwatch business has stuttered along since they became commonly available three years ago. The early adopters, those who bought the first models, myself included, found they were fun but not for long. Lack of functionality, waterproofing and useful apps made them little more than expensive extensions to our smartphones.
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Fitbit Blaze Fitness Watch

A happy new year is one thing but this is the week when we start thinking a fitter new year would be even better still. This is the week that I have a little more time to plan a new regime and promise myself that I’ll slump in the sofa less, move more and try to shed those couple of pounds that have crept up on me. I’m not alone it seems, and in the run-up to Christmas I noticed fitness trackers everywhere. From online retailers to my local pharmacy, technology was waiting to lead me in to a more active new year.

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