Russia plans wiki-based, history school texts

At a meeting of the Russian Historical Society (RHS) at the Kremlin in Moscow officials conceding problems with the current Russian history curriculum have announced a plan, supported by President Vladimir Putin, to create a unified school textbook on Russian history, using a Wiki technology platform, as part of a ‘re-thinking of Russian history’ initiative to coincide with events marking 400 years of the House of Romanov.

Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration of RussiaSergei Ivanov, said the issue with the variety of history school texts,, with varying perspectives mean that, sometimes “children simply don’t understand what it’s all about”. He expressed the desire for creation of one new schoolbook, reflecting a rethinking approach to Russian history and reminded colleagues that President Putin recently expressed similar concerns, saying there is need for new text with verified contents, reviewed by experts,  written in unobtuse terms in the Russian language.

RHS official, Sergey Shakhray, prior to the meeting published an article on the Gazeta.r news website, where suggested that the new book has to be created by scientific society with the help of mass audience “using Wikipedia technology” under government control. He described a possible 3-step process of creating the book and reviewing the text by maximum wide-scale Russian scientific community and volunteer participants.

Ivanov also urged RHS to play a role in 400-year House of Romanov celebration events which are due to continue through the year. The jubilee is remembers the enthronement of Tsar Mikhail Fyodorovich, who became the first Romanov on the throne in 1613, and whose reign resulted in ending of so-called Time of Troubles.

A re-printed edition of a hand-written XVII century book about Mikhail Fyodorovich’s enthronement was presented at the meeting. Ivanov said Russians must learn lessons from that period  in history, with events that still resonate today.

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