Linda Franco : CEO, Machina Wearable

Earlier this year I met Linda Franco, the CEO and co-founder of Machina Wearable Technology.

Machina were described once in Wired as making ‘the most beautiful wearable tech in the world’ and I’d been curious for some time about the people behind a company that was apparently scorchingly innovative, so I was thrilled when Úll 2014 announced that Linda would be a key-note speaker and panelist for the 3-day conference. So, I packed my bag and phoned our director on TV3’s The Gadget Buzz and we headed for the medieval city of Kilkenny, a beautiful, charming city of around 20,000 people.

And the first thing I asked Linda about? What’s it like being a world renowned start-up in Mexico City, a city of 20 Million people.

Extra layers : The Midi Controller Jacket

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