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Sphero SPRK+ for Makers Of All Ages

The Sphero SPRK+ is an educational robot that’s making an impact in Irish classrooms. The spherical little bot is ideal for classroom experiments and has Bluetooth connectivity built-in. This little gadget can be programmed in various ways including via Apple’s Swift Playgrounds for iPad.
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McAfee’s Digital Deception Survey

A fifth of teenagers have accessed inappropriate content online that disturbed them, according to ‘Digital Divide,’ a new study conducted in Ireland by McAfee, the world’s largest dedicated security company. The study also found that while Irish parents believe their children are doing enough to protect themselves from online dangers, that this is not the case.
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iPad Addiction or a 4 year old who doesn’t like ‘No’?

 joined Will Faulkner on his daily show on Midlands 103FM today to discuss the story of a child in Britain, a 4 year old, who has been treated by the eminent psychiatrist ​Dr Richard Graham, an expert on technology addiction. I first became aware of Dr Graham's work in 2009,  after Sweden’s Youth Care Foundation [Stiftelsen Ungdomsvård] described World of Warcraft as “more addictive than crack cocaine”. 

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Science, technology and innovation crucial for Africa

Earlier this month, at a meeting Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, the Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Francis Gurry, said policymakers had “a unique opportunity to define the key role that science, technology and innovation can play in achieving the development goals of the African continent.

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Teachers & Open-Source : education’s spark

Teachers are an innovative bunch. I think you have to be, to keep twenty or thirty children engaged day after day. Entertain, grade, support, coach and teach and that's all before they tackle the work outside the classroom. With their innovative nature it's no surprise that teachers embraced technology so wholeheartedly, two and a half decades ago. It was no surprise multi-media applications found their natural home in education and it was as if Apple had created iPad for education apps foremost.
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Education’s spark – teachers with tech

It's more than forty years since Lawrence Stenhouse said there was “no curriculum development without teacher development” - and sharp minds, like those at BSSD have adopted Eric Raymond's Bazzar of knowledge principle helping to foster the burgeoning movement for information socialism. Almost 90% of teachers in the UK believe they should be free to design substantial parts of their school curriculum, and this attitude to open curriculum creation is gathering pace the world over.
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Russia plans wiki-based, history school texts

At a meeting of the Russian Historical Society (RHS) at the Kremlin in Moscow officials conceding problems with the current Russian history curriculum have announced a plan, supported by President Vladimir Putin, to create a unified school textbook on Russian history, using a Wiki technology platform, as part of a 're-thinking of Russian history' initiative to coincide with events marking 400 years of the House of Romanov.

BBC learning – fill lunchtimes with language.

Scanning through available lessons in the language section shows that you can learn French, Spanish, Greek, Chinese, German, Italian and Portuguese with crucial phrases available in 40 other languages. In addition to languages and subjects like Personal Development, there are GCSE Bitesize revisions and an entire Class Clips tool for teachers with 7,500 clips from BBC Television to show in the classroom - a gift for educators in this era of tablet learning in schools.

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Improving learning outcomes, with iPad

Apple has been strong in education for years - and is the number one provider of technology to education in many markets - the Mac has long been the desired computer of choice for students of all ages. The iPod Touch has been deployed succesfully in school laguage labs and now the iPad promises to deliver better learning outcomes to those visionary schools who see the benefit of this ground-breaking technology.