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Micro Drone : The Gadget Buzz, London Calling #3

One of the biggest successes in crowd-funding we came across this year was Micro Drone, founded by Vernon Kerswell. Vernon's project initially raised over $3.5 million on Indiegogo. Kelly Angood from Indiegogo chatted with Joe Donnelly about what can make a project special, before Joe gets a lesson on flying the Micro Drone from Vernon.
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The Myo Armband & Johnny Matheny

The Myo armband is a wearable gesture control and motion control device that lets the wearer take control of your phone, computer, and much more, touch-free. It's a remarkable device for tech users and gamers but in this episode of The Gadget Buzz, we looked at how the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory had used Myo to create the world's first gesture-controlled prosthetic arm for Johnny Matheny,
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Bleep Bleeps : The Gadget Buzz, London Calling #6

One of our favourite companies on the Gadget Buzz this season were London based Bleep Bleeps. Each of their devices connects to the BleepBleeps app and gives access to simple tools, guidance and content to make parenting easier. In this episode of the Gadget Buzz, we looked specifically, at Sammy Screamer.
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Amazon Echo: Alexa, Andy & Joe sit down to talk

Andy and Joe sat down to talk about about Amazon's Echo - which Andy swears is the bookseller's next billion dollar business and he showed Joe how he'd integrated it with his Nest Thermostat and Wemo Belkin plugs, and they chatted about the future of home-automation and asked, as Alexa's role in daily life broadened, could the Amazon Echo eventually be part of home-care for assisted living as part of the developing conscious home.
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The Machines Room, Limewharf : The Gadget Buzz, London Calling #4

Thomas Ermacora is the man behind LimeWharf, a shared work workspace founded in 2012 in Hackney. As well as keeping East London affordable for start-ups with LimeWharf, Thomas also ignited London's maker community with the nearby Machines Room, bringing 3D print and lathe technology to burgeoning makers. Joe Donnelly talks to Thomas and then meets Professor Frank Trentmann from Birkbeck College, UCL. Frank's latest book Empire of Things is a remarkable journey through 500 years of consumerism, and Joe asks him about planned obsolescence in tech, cities and the future, of things
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Olloclip : The Gadget Buzz, London Calling #2

Olloclip created a whole category on Kickstarter, smart-phone lenses. Their 4-in-1 lens kit is now in Apple retail stores and airport shops around the world. Joe Donnelly and Maggie Zaboura, equipped with some Olloclips, had a wander around Shoreditch, talking about crowd-funding, little lenses and, Joe's close-ups...
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Sam Labs : The Gadget Buzz, London Calling #1

The London-based startup Sam Labs, make modular kits to help curious minds of all ages learn about STEM and even experiment with the Internet of Things. Their Kickstarter campaign in 2014 raised over $200,000, and ignited Sam Lab's global ambition and Joe Donnelly sits down with founder Joachim Horn and sharpens up his maker skills.