4 Garden Gadgets For The Green-Fingered

The quiet life beckons for many an amateur gardener, affording you the right to luxuriate in the great outdoors, away from the stresses and strifes of the modern age. UNLESS, that is, you prefer to inject a little bit of technology into your garden with some of these fully future proofed, gardening gizmos.

Floating Bonsai Tree

Inarguably the most beautiful item on the list and quite possibly the most beautiful object of all time, these incredible, free-floating bonsai trees are a reality, currently in the development phase and hugely backed on Kickstarter. The magnetic micro-tree floats a few cm off its base in a package expected to range from $200 – $10,000. Expect these to fly, or at the very least softly hover, off shelves soon.

Garden Gadgets 01 Bonsai

EDYN Garden Sensor

This elegantly designed sensor measures everything you need to know about your verdant veg, from soil composition and moisture to humidity and light. All metrics and readings are then sent to your phone for a daily digest of your daisies and daffs.

Garden Gadgets 02 Edyn

Wise Orchard Sprinkler System

This humble little green box allows you to regulate your sprinkler system with a simple valve controlled from your phone, perfect for any and all water-related garden chores. It also keeps track via your phone of local weather data and climate patterns.

Garden Gadgets 03 Wise Orchard

nThing Planty

Maybe you don’t have much by way of garden space, and would feel awkward planting things in next door’s garden since they’ve told you to stop so many times. Well, you’re in luck because the intriguingly named nThing Planty has you covered. What it lacks in volume, it more than makes up for in spark, as it’s a smart plant pot that brings all the workability of a small garden right into your home with Wi-Fi connectivity, instant updates and more. Giving you, Planty to think about. No? Ok, suit yourself.

Garden Gadgets 04 nThing

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