5 Weird & Wonderful Celeb-Endorsed Gadgets

When they’re not busy in the lab cooking up a new perfume, their sixth autobiography, or their own brand of pet food, modern celebs have the savvy to get a bit more modern with their cash-in products. We thought we’d do you the service of listing a few of the more essential celebrity-endorsed gadgets ever to hit the market.

Neil Young’s Pono



One of the stranger articles on the list, made all the stranger by its complete fall from view almost immediately after introduction is Neil Young’s Pono. The gist is that Neil Young thought MP3s were terrible quality, so he decided to make one the shape of a prism, presumably so it would annoy you so much you’d go back to buying vinyl.

Tom Hanks’ Hanxwriter

screen322x572  screen322x572-1


A whimsical entry from noted Typewriter enthusiast Tom Hanks – no, really – who cemented his position as all round cool guy by making this lovely little Typewriter skin for the iPad.

Lady Gaga’s Polaroid Glasses



Although shelved, these genuinely could have been a cool product – wraparound shades that double as a fully functioning camera – one of the more wearable things Gaga has ever created. An age before the now-aborted Google Glass too.

Kanye’s Nooka Zub Watch



Not to be confused with Will.I.Am’s not massively dissimilar smartwatch, this fairly limitied wearable was at least not foisted upon the general public, as only 15 were ever made. I’d say Kanye received a few dirty looks from friends and family circa Christmas 2008.

The Queen’s Solid Gold Wii

Celeb Gadgets 05 Queen

The Queen Of England

And, last but not least, what endorsement could possibly be better than the Queen? Partly based on reports from the royals that a Wii party game had actually gone down a storm at the Palace, the marketing guys behind THQ’s BIG Family Games decided they’d deliver a console fit for a Queen directly. Whether HRH ever improved on her bowling score remains classified for now.

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