6 Horrifying Robots That Could Be Coming To A Nightmarescape Near You

With the news that Harvard is developing swarms of tiny robotic bees, it’s clear that the robo-pocalypse is coming. Little did we know that when we slapped ourselves ino that Nintendo PowerGlove to play Duck Hunt, that we’d opened the door to a cold new wave of futuristic killing machines. Here’s the latest harbingers of doom we can expect to rule over us in the next few years.


Harvard’s swarms of cute, mechanised bees promise to help ameliorate the effects of colony collapse disorder, which has decimated global hive populations. But another way of telling the story is to say they’ve created paperclip sized robots capable of swarming, filming, delivering projectile/ chemical weapons, and flying – in near silence and too small to be detected by radar – through either air or water – Yikes!

Big Dog

This video was a sensation when it was released seven years ago, featuring a robo-dog being eerily lifelike while walking, running and righting itself when being kicked by its callous and hateful owners because, God knows, we have to give them more reasons to hate us. And, yes, they do make that noise at all times. Watch this thing balancing on an icy path and tell me it doesn’t make you want to salute our new robotic overlords.


Most likely named after the genus of feral felines, rather than the street name for a formerly legal high, wildcat starts off quite slow but really starts taking off in its galloping stage. Imagine this thing kicking in your door and taking you to a robot re-education camp for your crimes against androids?


Sure wildcat looked imposing, but you could probably outrun that thing! Well, that was before Boston Dynamics have thought of that with their fastest robot yet, which can clock up 28.3mph, officially faster than Usain Bolt.

And then they started putting obstacles in its way.

I’d say now is the time to go bunker-shopping

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