As September turns to October, the students out there should all be back in school and college by now. We know, it’s a grind, but it’s not all bad. Studying becomes a little easier when you’ve got some smart gadgets and accessories to help the process along. Here are some of our favourites to help you get back to school in style:

Knomad Portable Organiserknomad-sand-internal_1
Let’s face it, most laptop and tablet cases aren’t that great looking. There’s merit in placing function over style, but there’s no reason you can’t have both. The Knomad Portable Organiser from Knomo is highly functional and great looking. Anyone carrying this bad boy to school or college will seriously look the part. It’s got compartments for a tablet computer, mobile phone, and credit cards as well as all sorts of other nooks and crannies for miscellaneous pieces of gear like earphones and USB sticks. And the best part is that is all comes in a slick leather exterior.

Native Union JUMP Cable
Smartphones are great, but some of them are notorious for their battery life. Have you ever carried your phone charger around with you, desperately hoping you could get a seat next to a power outlet on the train home so that you can keep your phone alive? Have you ever tried and failed to restrain yourself from checking Facebook every five minutes, sending your battery icon prematurely into the red? Fear no more! The JUMP Cable is a portable USB phone charger. It draws power when plugged into your computer, and then retains that power in its own battery. Then you can simply connect it to your phone and charge away, with no laptop or power outlet required.

Ollo Clipshop_iPhone4_photo_lens
This is one for all the iPhone photographers out there who are bored with Instagram. The Ollo Clip is an attachable lens for the iPhone, allowing you to capture photographs through a wide-angle or fisheye view. The latest 4-in-1 model also includes two macro lenses for extreme close-up shots. This simple but clever device will give a new dimension to your photos while you take a break from the books.

Motorola Moto 360

We’ve all been going nuts over the new Apple Watch. It’s easy to forget that there are already some very similar pieces of wearable technology on the market. Motorola’s Android Wear model, the Moto 360, looks fantastic and can send you traffic alerts, monitor your heart rate, give you the weather forecast and provide you with email notifications as it interacts with your Android phone. It also tells the time. It’s already available in the US but those of us on this side of the Atlantic will have to wait until early October. It will still be several months before we see the Apple Watch in the flesh. The only thing the Moto 360 can’t do is make you get to class on time; unfortunately that’s down to you!


If you’re bored with everything else, and you really want to drop a lot of money for something that is essentially a desk ornament, then the Orbnext is for you. Why, you ask? Because it may just be the coolest desk ornament of ALL time. The Orbnext is a frosted glass cube that glows with ambient light in response to notifications from your phone. Its minimalist design and changing colours would add some elegance to any desk, even if that desk is strewn with foolscap sheets and tangled headphones. Just stare at its comforting glow and relax. That essay can wait.

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