1. Miito

Aiming to take the water-wasting kettle out of the game, Miito allows you to heat liquid directly from the cup from which you plan to drink. Fill the cup, mug or glass with water, place it on the induction base and pop in the special rod. The base heats the rod which then heats the liquid. With this method, there’s no waste when it comes to liquid or electricity and it also eliminates problems such as limescale.

2. Moocall

It’s quite something to make a device that alerts your phone when your cow is about to give birth look desirable, but the makers of Moocall have managed it. Lasting up to 30 days on rechargeable batteries, you simply attach it the cow’s tail – it adjusts to fit any size comfortably – and it will text up to two phone numbers with a message such as “Calving alert; 2 hours of high activity detected”. Its smooth curved surfaces prevent the cow from snagging the gizmo on a gate or fence and the rubber insert is designed to provide maximum grip and rain drainage without bothering the animal.

3. Double O Bike Lights

Design blogs have been falling over themselves to shout about how functional, clever and simple these bike lights are. Extremely easy to use, you just attach one in seconds via its flexible strap. You can then slip them onto your bike lock so they don’t get nicked, or pop them in your bag. Alternatively, you can simply attach them to your bag’s straps or the back of your helmet. They run on AAA batteries, which gives a run time of 50 hours, are water resistant and fire out 85 lumens (front) and 50 lumens (rear).

4. Qardio

You may have twigged from the name, but Qardio devices offer an accurate, discreet  and fashionable way of tracking heart health. Integrating with Apple Health and Android, there are three Qardio devices. QardioArm is an accurate, sleek bloody pressure monitor, QardioBase is a smart scale that measures your weight, body fat, muscle, water and bone composition, and Qardiocore is an ECG monitor without all the sticky pads and wires. You simply snap it to your chest and wear under your shirt to monitor your cardiac conditions, via your smartphone, throughout the day.

5. Kano

This is a colourful computer that you make yourself. The founders created Kano after a challenge from a seven-year-old family member who wanted to make his own computer. Two rules: “It had to be simple and fun as LEGO” and “No one teaches me how to do it”. And all of it for just £99.

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Tomorrow, Blackberry will release a letter to media outletss worldwide. When I got news of this tonight, I stumbled mentally for a moment. I thought it reminiscent of the "There is life after Apple" Chiat/Day letter from Steve Jobs in the Wall Street Journal 25 years ago. For a minute I allowed techno-romance to gnaw at me, but only for a minute. Tomorrow's open missal from Blackberry reminds me more of a fake letter that appeared in Chinese newspaper, The Southern Metropolis Daily a couple of months ago, and then found it's way around China via the micro-blogging Weibo.
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Mavshack VOD teams up with myPhone in Philippines, the video on-demand streaming company has agreed a partnership with MyPhone, the leading distributor of phones in the Philippines. Mavshack is a leader  in streaming local content to global populations and Mavshack Philippines is the first of several content channels being delivered worldwide.  Mavshack operate a multi-platform service similar to Netflix in the Philippines, costing around 210 Philippine Pesos, the equivalent of five dollars per month.
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In recent years I have had the privilege to speak at a number of different events on Social Media. Typically the area of greatest interest has always been Facebook. The same question always pops up during the Q&A part - “I don’t have a budget for Facebook, how do I get to 100,000 fans?” To be fair, there is not one answer to this question for every industry but I will try to give you an answer that should set you on the right path.